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Our Week In Pictures – And Our Streetfeast!


It’s been another fun-filled but busy week at the garden, with Sunday’s Streetfeast bringing the week to a happy, smiley, sunny (well, mostly!) close, and bringing friends, family, volunteers and visitors alike together to celebrate how far we’ve come already, and all of the hard work and love that everyone has put into the garden so far.

It was a lovely day, with a great turn-out and a really happy atmosphere – it was so nice to see familiar faces as well as a few new ones.  Everyone put a lot of love into preparing some amazing food (far too much!), and we were touched and grateful for a range of party food and trimmings donated by various local businesses (mentioned in detail further down).

We did have to grab the party and carry it into the polytunnel when a brief shower threatened to dampen our spirits, but aren’t we lucky to have one!

We’d like to thank the following friends, family, volunteers and loved ones for their company, laughter, love, fun and positive energy on the day, in no particular order; Helen, Kay, Orla, James, Michael, Jean, Ella, Aisling, Grace, Patricia, Claire, Deirdre, Caoimhe, Keith Sr. and Keith Jr., David, Jude, Sarah, Frances, Eddie, Sean, Bernie, Pat, Louise, John, Mary, Anais, Isobella, Kevin, Ava-Leigh, Lucy, Tara the dog… if we have overlooked anyone we are truly sorry!

We had a range of goodies donated for the party by the following local businesses:-

Some excellent helium filled balloons from The Party Shop; a very cute floral centrepiece for the table from Branching Out; a huge and very decadent chocolate cake from The Butler’s Pantry; some cool stripey fabric for a tablecloth from Kelly’s Interiors; and a range of edibles including juices & cups, crisps, chocolates and eggs from Donnybrook Fair and O’Connell’s Bar & Restaurant.  We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to these local organisations for being so kind and getting involved in this way – thank you all so much.  Also a big thanks to Helen for all the work she put into pulling all this lovely stuff together for us.

Earlier in the week, during Wednesday’s Organic Growing class, Kevin showed us how to re-pot some Cape Gooseberry seedlings.  There was some speculation as to exactly which plant family these belong to, and the best conditions for growing them, so click this link for more information…

Repotted into Becausewecare Compostable Seedling Pots.

The main topic in this week’s Organic Growing class was composting…

And a demonstration on how to plant potatoes for container growing.

If you want to know the ratios you’ll have to sign up for the course!

Bernard & Helen’s hard work on the fruit bush beds.

Blackcurrants, whitecurrants and gooseberry bushes went in this week.

Our lazy bed potatoes…

And our drills.


Tomatoes coming along nicely in the polytunnel.

Coffee grounds on the cabbages… will it keep the slugs away?

The dreaded bindweed…

Onions went in this week…

Mary’s experimental agrohomeopathy lab.

Once again, huge gratitude, love and hugs to all of the volunteers who showed  up and everyone who helped us this week – it’s you who make all of this possible.