Helix Tosta 1, Slugs 0


Here a UK based Gardening Homeopath relates how she prevented Slugs from eating her peas with a dose of Homeopathic Helix Tosta.

Homeo Gardening

006 I don’t normally have much luck with peas. At first, I thought they weren’t germinating, but I have since realised that the slugs have been getting them. This year, I decided to do a pre-emptive strike with Helix Tosta 6x. This is a remedy made from toasted snail shells, and has been proved to be very effective against slug and snail damage. The 6x potency has a much higher amount of the substance in it than 6c or 30c.

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Homeopathy for the Garden. Workshop – Sat 11th May ’13


Homeopathy for the Garden. Workshop in Donnybrook, Dublin 4.
Saturday 11th May ’13 10.30am to 3pm – €45 fee. (€20 unwaged)

Meadow GrassesWould you like a pest-free garden full of robust, productive plants?
Would you like to achieve this affordably, sustainably and without toxicity?

Come to a practical workshop exploring the theory and practice of Homeopathy for the Garden with Mark O’Sullivan, homeopath at the Heritage Community Garden. Learn how to use the remedies that here in the garden we’ve used successfully against slugs, sawfly and aphids.

Learn how to select, prepare and apply appropriate Homeoapthic remedies that:

  • repel slugs, beetles, larvae and other pests in a safe, effective, non-toxic manner.
  • – heal fungal and bacterial diseases
  • – balance nutrient excesses & deficiencies
  • – restore damaged or traumatised plants and soils

Mark has been applying Homeopathy for gardens since 2007 and teaches this across the country, including at Seedsavers, The Organic College, the Organic Centre and Sonairte. When not treating people at Appletree, Ranelagh, Mark studies organic gardening at the Heritage Community Garden and qualified as a Permaculture designer with Rob Hopkins in 2004.

Here at the Heritage Community Garden, we’ve used Homeopathic remedies to rid our gooseberry bushes, that were almost destroyed, of a sawfly infestation. Our 200yr old apple and pear trees, that were brutally pruned and badly mistreated have been reviatalised by the application of remedies and our bean shoots were saved from the slugs by the remedy Helix Tosta.

To book, contact Mark O’Sullivan on 087 2380720 or mark@homeopath.ie

Here’s the Facebook Page for this Event

Introduction to Permaculture & Creative Food Gardening


Introduction to Permaculture & Creative Food Gardening – 1-Day Workshop

Permaculture introduction course

Where: Donnybrook Heritage Community Garden
Date and Time: Sat 27th April 10-5.30pm
Cost: €50/€35 unwaged
Facilitator: Helen Cantrell

Come join us for a day of fun and interactive hands-on learning!

You will learn about:

  • What is Permaculture
  • The Principles of Permaculture
  • Introduction to Food Forests
  • How Ecosystems Work
  • Creating Sustainable Bed Systems
  • Soil Care and Composting
  • Sowing Seeds and Raising Seedlings
  • Making DIY Greenhouses
  • Creating a Mini Polytunnel
  • Making Compost Tea
  • Making Natural Pest Controls
  • Lots of Interactive Games!

To find out more and to reserve your place

Email: Helcan2@hotmail.com or Phone 0876997958

Seedbomb and Cycle workshop – Sunday April 14th

Seedbombs at the harvest festival

Seed bomb demonstration at the Dublin Harvest Festival

On Sunday 14th of April from 11am to 3pm at the Heritage Community Garden. Come on a bike!

Seedbomb making session and cycle afterwards to find homes for them.

Learn about seedbombs, how they’re made and how they’re used across the world for quickly planting out green or brownfield sites & creating habitat, beauty and biodiversity in urban areas.

We’ll be focusing on pollinator- friendly varieties to give the bees, bumblebees, hoverflies and mason bees a hand.

Please bring wildflower seeds, biscuits and snacks for the break and a donation towards materials.

With Ciarán O’Byrne and
Mark O’Sullivan – 087 2380720 or mark@homeopath.ie