In just over a year the Heritage Garden in Donnybrook has thrived as a community. Since first we were given the use of the walled garden in the Avila Carmelite Community in Donnybrook we’ve run courses, set up a polytunnel and raised beds, held workshops, put in a beehive and grown a lot of veg. We treated 200yr old heritage variety apple trees to the first proper pruning they’d seen in decades and had a street feast underneath them.

Among our core volunteers we have qualified organic growers, builders, carpenters, composters, beekeepers and musicians. We’re growing a hub of community empowerment centred around producing organic vegetables and all that comes with this by way of workshops, courses and events. We’ve partnered with St. Andrew’s Resource centre, Dublin Community Growers and many other organisations who aim. like us, is toward social and environmental sustainability. The garden has seen plenty of activity and events from organisations that support the environment, special needs and social empowerment. Plus, we’ve had a lot of fun and made good friends.

The core volunteers are moving towards establishing a cooperative as a means of consolidating and facilitating the many and varied community empowerment activities rooted in growing food organically.

Their aim is to involve the local community and in doing so to help create community. Volunteers are welcome!

Contact Jacqueline Kelleher 086 4095763

Video made for the Eircom Startup programme earlier in the project.

Here’s a video on local empowerment through growing food that features The Heritage Community Garden

Here we are on a Google Map:


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